How to Write Emails that Connect with your Customers

Email marketing is one of the best ways to speak directly to both prospective and existing customers, keeping in touch with them so that when they’re ready to make a purchase, they think of your brand. Emails are a great way to build trust and relationships with your customers. But, what happens when no-one opens or seems interested in the emails you’re sending out?

The lack of interest could be due to the way you write or construct your email campaigns and, getting just a few elements right can dramatically increase open, click and conversion rates. With a list of engaged, ready to purchase customers at your fingertips, it’s a marketing crime not to utilise email properly!

Segment your Contact List

Research from MailChimp found that emails sent out to segmented contact lists increased opens by 14.31% and clicks by 100.95% compared to unsegmented campaigns. Tailoring your email content based on demographics, interests, industry, the source of the lead and the different stages of your sales process will help you to increase engagement. If you receive an email tailored to your likes or interests, you’re much more likely to read it than a generic email.


In digital marketing, personalisation is the name of the game. The days of simply adding your customer’s name into the subject line or introduction to your email is no longer enough. Did you know that 70% of all business emails sent are still not personalised? This might be hard to believe but its good news if you segment your lists and send personalised content to each section. You’ll be competing with all of those generic emails, setting you ahead of your competitors.

Personalisation is a great way to build trust and increases your customer’s motivation and interest to open the email. With so many analytics tools and data tracking tools available to you, there’s really no excuse not to offer a personalised experience in your email communications.

Catchy Subject line

It might seem obvious but a catchy subject line is everything. After all, this is the element that’s going to drive customer’s to open your email. Once you’ve thought of your subject line, make sure the content of your email delivers on that promise. If your customers open an email that’s not what they thought it was going to be, they’re unlikely to take any further action and it could harm the relationship you’ve built up with them, making them more reluctant to open further emails from you.

Short and Sweet

Once customers open your email, you have a few seconds to grab their attention, tell them what they need to know and drive them to take action. This means that your email copy needs to be short and to the point. Don’t bore customers with long paragraphs of irrelevant information. Keep it short and to the point to increase the chance of the customer clicking through. Include all of this information and at least one call to action above the fold to further increase your chances of conversion.

Strong Call to Action

A strong call to action directs customers to the next stage in the journey and tells them exactly what you want them to do. Words that drive action such as buy today or sign up now are the best way to drive clicks. Make sure you include more than one call to action throughout the content of your email so that as soon as the customer is ready to take action, they can.

Landing Page

You’ve written a well-crafted, interesting and relevant email. Great! However, once your customers have clicked through, where do they go? Whatever action you want your customers to take, if your landing page is not relevant or informative, you will lose them at this stage.

In the same way as your email, your landing page should be clear and concise, showing customers exactly what you want them to do next. A great landing page is sure to drive conversions and help you to get better results from your campaigns.

Align the design of your email and landing page to maintain consistency. If customers are directed to a page that looks completely different to the email, they may be confused and think they’ve been directed to the wrong place.

Mobile Friendly

Last but not least, you MUST check that your emails work on mobile devices. 47% of consumers open emails on their mobiles whilst they’re on the go so it’s essential to cater for this audience with your campaigns. If your emails don’t display or load properly on mobile, chances are, customers will delete it and move onto the next highly personalised, interesting and relevant email in their inbox.

If you need help with your email marketing campaigns or you’re not sure how to get the most out of them, please contact us to speak to our experts.

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