Zach Rodgers Joins the RDM Team

Zach Rodgers Joins the RDM Team

We’re welcoming Zach to the Rare Digital Marketing team as he’s recently come on board to strengthen our paid advertising strategies.

Zach has previously completed a ‘Masters in Public Relations’ at Sheffield Hallam University and has since worked for Split the Bills, delivering in-house PPC strategy. He has a wealth of experience working on both search and eCommerce campaigns, managing some big name clients in the past; delivering some impressive return already for our clients.

Moving forward at Rare Digital Marketing, Zach will be working closely with Mark on advertising campaigns across Google, Facebook & Instagram to help clients improve their branding & increase sales. Down the line, we’re also looking at getting Zach involved with some PR which he has said he’s ‘looking forward to’.

Living locally in Rotherham (we’ll not hold it against him), Zach usually spends his free time listening to music or watching RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Zach is already settling in and become part of the family here at RDM, he’s even took over the role of DJ in the office; which we must admit, he’s played some pretty good tunes. He’s also become quite fond of Luke & Laura cracking out jokes every other minute & has spent his lunchtimes getting veggie food with Laura (yes, there’s two veggies in the office now).

Favourite Food: Pizza ‘probably’ but also has a ‘weak spot’ for Domino’s garlic dip (he is veggie though, so probably not pepperoni pizza)
Favourite Drink: Rum
Pets: Billy the dog
Hobbies: Music (on and off band vocalist)

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