Meet the team

At Rare Digital Marketing, we're strong believers that our highly talented team is what drives our business. Built upon like-minded individuals that excel within the digital marketing world, we're a friendly bunch who share a passion for great content, superb social media, strong SEO & superior PPC. Together we create integrated strategies that get results, with no task too big or small.

Mark Skinner


Director of Rare Digital Marketing, Mark has years of experience behind him, particularly in PPC. As top dog, he spends most of his ensuring everything runs smoothly, or informing us of the latest conspiracies.

Luke Sanderson

Digital Marketing Manager

Manager of Rare Digital Marketing, Luke is often juggling tasks between web development, SEO and client management (when he's not too busy shooting a nerf gun around the office)

Zach Rodgers

PPC Executive

PPC Executive at Rare Digital Marketing, Zach usually spends his time monitoring numerous accounts and optimising their campaigns to achieve the best ROI. The team have also made him our office DJ.

Laura Warrior

Digital Marketing Executive

Digital Marketing Executive, Laura spends most of her time creating social media plans, writing content and analysing results but we try not to disturb her too much to avoid 3-hour conversations we can't escape!