Search Engine Optimisation

With the right knowledge and approach, your business site could dominate search engines like Google and Bing, using search engine optimisation.

We can help develop an SEO strategy for your business which will improve your page rankings for targeted keywords.

  • Audience Focused
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Reach Engaged Customers
  • Technical Expertise
  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Increase Site Visibility

Engage With Customers

Gain An Advantage

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an ever-changing world. The field of play has changed significantly over the past 5 years, with only those at the cutting edge/swift to change gaining an advantage. SEO proves your worth to the likes of Google and Bing, helping you reach page 1 of the search results, in turn gaining you more traffic and sales. Consider Google as your advertising spaces, and your webpages as billboards. Essentially our role is to ensure that the best billboards (webpages) reach the highest amount of footfall (traffic). At Rare Digital Marketing, we are passionate about getting your business where you need it to be, and for us that means researching and analysing your business to understand your needs and targets, before implementing them to deliver you with real long-term results. Unlike traditional marketing, we can prove what we propose, and what we do every step of the way.

Engaging Content

Through well-written and engaging content, technical expertise (knowing how to make the most of your site) and improving the usability of your site we can prove your sites authority to search engines and get your business the results it deserves. SEO is all about finding out which customers and which searches are most valuable to your company and adapting your website accordingly. At Rare Digital Marketing, we do this by evaluating which keywords have received the highest number of searches on a monthly basis. We then look further into these keywords to look at what is most relevant to your business, and more specifically what will gain you the highest ROI. All of our content is then based on our insights.

Our Expertise

SEO is far from a new marketing approach, but there are still many that don’t fully understand the concept. Not all SEO is about improving and amending the content we see, such as page copy and blogs but there’s actually a lot more to it than that. Of course one of our main goals is to get you to No 1 in the search results, but it’s also about finding out how to use your website in the best way to reach your most valuable customers.

At Rare Digital Marketing, we will look at your website to see what is performing and what isn’t, so if your website doesn’t deliver as it should or doesn’t give users a positive experience we won’t just ensure it works smoothly, we’ll also provide you with any suggested improvements further down the line. Through our years of experience in search engine optimisation, we aim to make your site as visible as possible to the customers who are searching for you, and even potential customers that aren’t searching for you. Using our comprehensive research we can create and amend your content, as well as looking at your site from a technical perspective. Once your content is top quality, we’ll use our SEO skills to make sure Google recognises how great and relevant it is, as well as your target audience. Sadly, fabulous content is no longer enough, and if you want your content to be seen, you need to impress search engines, or risk being left behind.

Take a look at what we can do to improve your content and website with a free SEO audit now, with no obligations.

e-Commerce Lead Generation


'Transferring our business to RDM is one of last years great decisions. They have added value and reduced our costs from day one. In the first month alone the spend reduced by 20% and at the same time massively increased the performance across all campaigns. Twelve months on and we are still seeing regular improvements in our campaign performance.'

Rob Faulkner, Dermasave

e-Commerce Lead Generation

Euro-Fit Systems Ltd

'Since working with Rare Digital Marketing, we have seen our sales, revenue and ROI for PPC increase significantly. RDM's proactive and results focused approach has resulted in us implementing a number of new initiatives, which have delivered value to other digital channels, as well as the wider business.

Steve James, Sales Director

e-Commerce Lead Generation

Wow Interiors

'We have been working with Rare Digital Marketing across our full digital marketing strategy. We wanted to drive traffic to our website through highly targeted and well-written PPC ads and increase our presence on social media whilst driving footfall to our local showroom.'

Kevin Crouthers, Managing Director

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