Rebuild It And They Will Come.


There are a number of reasons that the structure of a PPC account might need a clean-up or even complete overhaul, including initially not having a logical plan for the structure when starting activity. Another reason could be that there has been so many changes made to the account over time it has become a bit of an unmanageable dog’s dinner. Below I will cover the best practice for structuring a campaign, along with improvements we have seen from simply rebuilding a campaign structure.

What is the ideal structure?

The ideal structure for a PPC account will be driven by what the main aim for the PPC activity is. For example, for a retail site the campaign set up should follow the structure of the website, considering generic, category and range/manufacturer terms. For lead gen websites, especially when the service offered has a long consideration time you could consider structuring the campaigns based on the customer journey. For example, keywords that drive ‘macro-conversions’ such as a newsletter sign up or brochure download should be managed separately to those that drive actual leads, including form completions or phone calls.

Below is a model we used when looking at the customer journey for a client in a very niche industry. We used this to base the structure of the PPC account.

Customer modelling for PPC

Results from restricting accounts

After taking over and restructuring 3 PPC accounts, each targeting lead generation, we saw immediate improvements in key metrics, including

144% and 92% increase in CTR

65% and 23% reduction on average CPC

58% uplift in conversion rate

Managing an account restructure

When restructuring your PPC account, create new campaigns, ad groups and keywords rather than making changes to existing assets. Roll out the new campaigns over time, switching off legacy campaigns as you go. Do not delete the old campaigns as any data you have built up could be lost. Always keep a close eye on the new accounts to ensure that you are still hitting budget and efficiency targets.

Please share any results you have seen from rebuilding your PPC campaigns.

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