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Protec International Ltd is UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of temporary protection materials for the construction industry, who have worked with Rare for more than 10 years on a range of marketing initiatives and campaigns. Most recently Protec tasked Rare with refocusing their marketing  to their major term agreement customers to reinforce existing commercial relationships, drive engagement and increase adherence to central supply agreements at site level.

Rare developed a compelling brand positioning and messaging framework to reinforce Protec’s position as market leader to major commercial construction contractors and residential housing developers.

At the heart of the campaign was a literature pack to form “Your Go-To Guide for Temporary Protection”. Focusing marketing on individual customers and aligning communications to sites with bespoke tailored versions and personalised communications, we make the recipient feel valued. Demonstrating our knowledge and understanding  of the key stages of site protection, we convey key benefits and advantages of working together.

This campaign is delivered directly to specific site individuals, building valued, inclusive partnerships. As a result the Go-To Guides have been rolled out to a wide spectrum of Protec customers and used to establish new ones. The campaign has been instrumental in delivering incremental revenue and margin for a modest increase in marketing spend.


Protec is a proven product innovator, growing its business with a steady stream of new temporary protection products for construction and renovation sites. Protec has partnered with Rare to create a product branding structure and to create compelling product brands, product names and launch campaigns to help underpin the new products into the market place.

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