Creating the UK’s Most Active City

Rare was commissioned to create a brand identity, digital information hub and marketing communications strategy for an important public health initiative in Sheffield. Born out of the 2012 London Olympics, Sheffield was one of three centres, chosen nationally, to receive funding to create a legacy project to boost physical activity in the wake of the Olympics.

In Sheffield the initiative comprised capital projects to transform existing facilities into centres for public access to physical activity programmes and initiatives to promote the concept of greater physical activity, particularly for the hardest to reach and most challenged groups. The city adopted the programme with a vision that Sheffield should become the UK’s most active city by 2020.

We created the brand Move More to convey the essence behind the initiative. This was applied to branding, the website and adopted by delivery partners across the city. We also created the branding and signage for the revamped activity centres and also for an outdoor advertising campaign.

These elements of the work were based around the use of real people with real stories – Sheffield success stories – to help convey our message that anyone and everyone can benefit by moving more and that every step, however small, is a step in a positive direction to a healthier lifestyle.

For the buildings we created a bold, colourful exterior to create impact and interest. Mini case studies of real people with real stories were used to reinforce the brand message in a manner designed for easy engagement. We also created a series of statements that could be used internally in high traffic areas, to gain attention and provoke thought.

Post launch, Rare continued to support Move More with various campaigns and initiatives, to advise on strategy and to contribute community time to the project.

Move More was a highly successful initiative that has seen significant progress towards the campaign goals.

“I cannot speak highly enough of the team from Rare Creative Group, who we engaged to deliver the programme. The quality and thoroughness of Rare’s approach to this brief was in evidence from the outset. Their creativity in brand and website design, attention to detail in finish, quality of output and professional approach has been first class.

This was all set against a challenging timescale from commission to completion. The team from Rare met each and every milestone and delivered within the timescales and to budget.

Moreover, they produced an output that received uniform praise from all stakeholders.”

Professor Rob Copeland, Project leader for Move More and NCSEM, Sheffield Hallam University

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