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Following the acquisition of Pegler Yorkshire by Aalberts Integrated Piping Systems, and renewed focus on promoting core product ranges, the Aalberts UK team turned to Rare to use its sector expertise to update its brand messaging and create a range of impactful promotional campaigns.

Marketing focus was shifted towards the installer as the principal decision maker on product types and brand choice within the replacement and refurbishment market for plumbing supplies. The existing Aalberts merchant customer base became the primary conduit for reaching the installer, via a strong in-store point of sale presence. Social media and digital advertising were utilised to support the campaigns and help build brand presence.

Utilising the Aalberts colour palette to create striking impact at point of sale, Rare initially created campaigns for two of the principal product ranges, Pegler Bulldog thermostatic radiator valves and the VSH Tectite push-fit metal plumbing system.

For Tectite, the individual product types were repositioned to give each a clear purpose and help educate the installer on the best solution for a given application. An overall campaign message was developed, Expect More. This amplified the brand promise and was further supported by a series of further “Expect” statements. These campaign statements were expressed as short “bite-sized” phrases for use in social media and digital advertising, but also expanded into fuller, detailed explanations for use across literature and websites.

Merchants were equipped with a comprehensive point of sale pack, used by the Aalberts sales teams to boost sales engagement and bring new stockists on board.

For Bulldog, Rare focused the messaging on the Pegler heritage as a leading manufacturer of quality products under the headline “Great British valve technology since 1890”. The brand promise was supported by the deployment of extended product warranties and core attributes, such as reliability, sustainability and proven technology were brought out in the detailed messaging.

Again, a comprehensive point of sale suite was developed for merchant branches, retail packaging was updated to the new brand, and social media and digital marketing messages were created. The success of the initial campaign quickly led to its extension to support the growing number of merchant branches seeking to participate.

In addition to the product campaigns, Rare has also worked on various other projects for Aalberts. These include the creation of a series of impactful information boards, positioned around the Doncaster manufacturing site to help explain products and processes during visitor tours. Recently, we have also created a merchant display stand to further support the introduction of additional product ranges into new and existing merchant branches.

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