We’re officially a Premier Google Partner!

We’ve been a Google Partner for some time now (2 years+) and if you’ve been following us for a while then you’ll probably remember us shouting about it as if it were a brand new Bugatti. Now our hardworking team have pushed the boundaries once again and we’ve just received our Premier Google Partner Badge. This means now more than ever, Google has recognised us once again for our skills in Google Advertising. We’re so proud that we just have to shout about it! After all, if you’ve got it, flaunt it, right?

Premier Google Partner Badge

What must you do to qualify as a Google Partner?

Some of you are probably already aware of this but if you’re not as geeky as us lot then you might not know what this means so, let us explain. To become a Google Partner you must reach certain requirements put in place by Google themselves. These requirements are based on the company performance, the amount of money that goes towards ad spend & the number of employees who are certified in Google Adwords (for us that’s the entire team).

How do you become certified in Google Adwords?

To become certified in Google Adwords you need to pass the Goole Academy exams. Each exam is a little different to the other but they include: display, search, shopping, mobile & video. To pass the exam, the user must score at least 80% of the 70-100 questions right. These questions are based on real-life scenarios about the subject chosen to really test our knowledge in realistic situations.

Google Partner vs Premier Google Partner

How does Google make this decision and chose which companies become a Google Partner? Well, they look at aspects such as the overall ad revenue and growth, along with maintaining and growing a customer base.

As a Premier Google Partner, we have had to exceed the usual requirements put in place but when you’re a search engine as big as Google (with 3.5 million searches per day) why wouldn’t you set high requirements? This hasn’t phased us though because we love a good challenge at Rare Digital Marketing!

What does a Premier Google Badge mean for our clients?

A whole lot of benefits, that’s what! As one of Google’s few top companies with a Premier Google Partner Badge, we get better access to a lot of their newly developed features. This means we’ll be the first to know of any beta programmes or updates, and we don’t mean they’ll tell us a day earlier. Sometimes Google will give premier partners access to these applications up to a year before they’re announced to the public so we will have access to things our competitors haven’t even heard of.

Not only will we get better access, but we will also receive quicker and improved support. Not that we’ve ever had many issues with Google but should something occur we can contact our personal Google rep instantly instead of waiting on the support hotline. For our clients, this means we can have any campaign and website issues resolved very quickly, without the risk of deactivated campaigns and loss of money.

Keeping our Premier Google Badge will require us to continue developing as well as maintaining ad spend and conversions. Thankfully, as a Google Partner, we also have access to a range of free training courses to ensure we never take our eye off the ball.

If you’ve thought about investing some of your marketing budget into Googles advertising platforms then give us a shout! We’d be more than happy to speak to you about the options available and help you devise a strategy that will benefit your business the most and receive the best ROI.

We’re so confident that we’ll even offer you a free PPC audit, without any obligations to go ahead.

Find out what Google advertising can do for you now.

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We’ve been a Google Partner for some time now (2 years+) and if you’ve been following us for a while then you’ll probably remember us … Read moreWe’re officially a Premier Google Partner!