The Importance of User-Experience for Your E-Commerce Website

One of the biggest problems for many ecommerce businesses is people who visit the site or go as far as adding items to the shopping cart but who never make a purchase. Up to 70% of online shoppers abandon their carts without making a purchase. Some of them might not be ready to buy yet, they’re not interested in what you have to offer or they just wanted to find out more about you so a good user experience is key.

Or, it could be because your website is not user friendly enough. If your checkout process is too long or complicated, you will lose around a third of the people who would buy something from you otherwise. Frustrated customers who have had to take too long checking out or creating an account are more likely to visit your competitors who can offer something at a similar price but with a much easier process.

As you can see a great experience on your website is more likely to help you convert website visitors into customers. By providing customers with the information they’re looking for quickly and easily, you’re able to lead them further through your sales process, increasing your sales and revenue. Have you ever been to a website and found it confusing or have been unable to find what you’re looking for so you moved on to find a better website? This is also what your customers are doing!

UX and SEO should work together

Did you know that good user experience on your website could also help to improve your search rankings? Google continuously update their algorithms in order to deliver the best and most relevant information to searchers based on their behaviour and what they want out of a website. Good user experience will not only help your website visitors to convert, it will also help you to meet SEO best practice.

So, what is best practice for user experience?

Simple Checkout Process

Make it as easy as possible for your website visitors to convert. Reduce the number of fields they have to fill in in order to checkout. You could even automate some of the process for them to make it even less complicated. Elements such as an address finder can make it much easier for visitors to fill in their details.

Easy navigation

A neat and easy to use navigation structure allows your visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for and browse your site with ease. A well thought-out navigation structure encourages visitors to keep browsing and to keep coming back to your site. If your navigation is too cluttered or hard to use, it will distract your visitors and they’re more likely to leave the site without taking any action.

Page layout

Don’t clutter the page with irrelevant information. For product pages, make sure you provide enough information about the product to reassure your website visitors but not too much clutter to detract them from the action you want them to take. The most vital information on any page of your website should be displayed above the fold to make it as accessible as possible.

Make sure your add to cart button is also displayed clearly on the page.

High quality content

High quality and informative content is not only important for your visitors, it’s vital for SEO purposes. Remember that if the content on your site is too thin or duplicated from another page or website, Google will penalise your site in the search rankings. You must provide relevant, informative and engaging content to your customers to help them convert but to also signal to Google that your page is worth showing in the results.

Page speed

If your site takes longer than 2 or 3 seconds to load, visitors are likely to leave and go somewhere else they can get a faster response, this is even more true on mobile where internet users want fast and responsive websites to keep their attention.

All of these elements will help you to convert more of your website visitors into happy customers who will come back to buy from you time and time again. Contact the RDM team today to speak to experts in user experience.

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