A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketing Executive

6:30am: The alarm beeps…

6:45am: The alarm beeps again. An excited puppy signals from downstairs that now REALLY is the time to get up. Not because I’m going to be late but because breakfast is far too late and there’s some urgent digging in the garden to be done. An elbow in the ribs to turn the alarm off.

Get up, get dressed in something warm, ready to brave the autumn weather for a quick morning stroll around the park.

7am: We’re off up one of the many Sheffield hills to admire the view. We’re early this morning so we have time to throw a ball and admire it on an unusually clear morning. There’s something calm and peaceful about being up and out before the morning rush. It’s time to think about the day ahead and come up with some of the best ideas that are frantically written down on arrival in the office before they disappear into the ether.

7:30am: Look in the mirror to check that the windswept, dog walker look has vanished. Even digital marketers have to talk to real people sometimes. Must remember to brush hair.

8:45am: Arrive at work a little earlier to sort and reply to emails and get ideas down for the rest of the day. This leaves the day free for creativity and new ideas! Say hello to the other early risers in the office as we all settle down for a busy day ahead.

There’s no typical day at Rare. Projects chop and change so frequently, no two days are ever the same. You don’t know what’s going to come in day to day. It’s also a good time to check that all PPC budgets are on track for the day.

Oh, and make a cup of tea for the boss…

9am: The day starts with checking social media and having a look at today’s trends and topics, is there anything we can join in on? Anything interesting happening in each industry? The digital world is so fast paced and changes every day so it’s important to have a finger on the pulse.

Did I say I was making a cup of tea?

10am: Once this is done, it’s time to look at content. From now until 3pm is the best time to concentrate on content and come up with the best ideas. A little keyword research may be in order to find out about the content customers actually want to read!

Another cup of tea for the boss…

2pm: After lunch, it’s time to concentrate on content running over from the morning and getting ready for a creative afternoon meeting thinking of ideas and developments for new and existing clients. (Remember to find a better hiding place in the office from the Rare Business Development Manager).

4pm: Afternoon meeting finished, it’s time to write down actions and schedule them into the workload (really must work on that hiding place!) Then it’s time to check in with social media again, any interactions or interesting posts sorted and see if there’s anything happening tomorrow. One last push to get the most out of the rest of the day.

The boss has offered to make the tea…never turn it down!

5:30pm: Think about what needs to be done tomorrow, check there’s nothing left for today and set off for home, there’s an energetic puppy at home with batteries fully charged and it’s time find out how my boyfriend’s day of product designing has gone. I hadn’t realised I needed a plant pot that hangs on the drainpipe but I’ve now got 5 of them!

6pm: Head out up the hill again. There’s nowhere to be and nothing to do now so we can chat to other dog walkers, admire the view and, best of all, chase the ball ALL the way down the hill. There might even be time to squeeze in a body combat class at the gym.

8pm: Time to relax sore legs, find something to watch on the TV or a book to read. When will it be cold enough to light a fire and snuggle up?

10pm: Time for bed, turn the dog out into the cold one last time and get ready for the next day.

6:30am: The alarm beeps, the sun rises, the dog squeaks, partner grumbles, another busy day begins…

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