How and why you should create an Instagram Business account

Is it better to have a business profile? Will this drive away some of my current following? What if I make a business account and change my mind? We often hear this debate in the world of marketing which is why we’ve put this handy little guide together. In this blog, we’ll cover the benefits of business accounts, the recent changes to Instagram, and a step-by-step guide on how to switch to a business profile from a personal Instagram account.


Schedule Instagram Posts with an Instagram Business Profile

If this doesn’t excite you, then we’re not sure what will! Instagram has finally got with the times and is now allowing users to schedule their content ahead-of-time. However, there’s a catch. You must have an Instagram Business account to do so. Unlike on Facebook, you aren’t able to schedule Instagram posts directly from the Instagram app, so you’ll need to use a scheduler like Later instead. The plus side is that you can easily switch your account to a business profile with 4 simple clicks and you don’t even need to be a business to do so. This makes things much easier for anyone trying to deliver consistent content and increase engagement. Recent changes to their API means that you don’t have to receive a notification reminding you to post your content again.


Grow Your Overall Engagement by Using All of Instagram’s Features

It’s great for adding a ‘call’ button or ‘email’ button so that you can be contacted directly. Instant interaction can help businesses get more leads (of course, depending on the business). This also keeps some characters spare on your bio where you can include more useful information like business ethos, or a snippet of a recent blog. It’s much better than using those valuable characters to include your telephone number and email address.


Instagram Business Profiles Can Track Performance with Instagram Insights

Instagram has to offer one of the best built-in analytics platform across social networking sites (without paying anything). All you have to do is have a business account and gain 100 followers! If you’re new to Instagram then this may sound like a lot, but as long as you’re authentic and your content is consistent you should build up 100+ following in no time. The platform gives you insights that your personal account doesn’t. For example, the age, gender and geographical locations of your audience as well as the performance of your content. You can clearly see the reach, engagement, follows, and even calls or emails you receive from that particular post.


Instagram Business Profiles Can Share Links in Instagram Stories

If you’re a seasoned ‘Instagrammer’  with a large following but you haven’t set up a business account yet, then you’re missing out! Instagram now allows any business profile with a following of 10k+ to add links to their stories. This means you could be sending potential customers straight from your story to your website. Let’s face it, all businesses, bloggers & influencers want to drive traffic somewhere.

If this whole concept is new to you then one thing to remember is to assume your audience has no common sense (we’re sure they do, because why else would they pay for your product/services, right?).  What we mean by this is you must make it obvious to your audience what it is you’re asking them to do, and why they should follow your link. Otherwise, this process could be for nothing.


Instagram Business Profiles Can Grow Their Reach with Promoted Posts & Instagram Ads

Since Instagram was taken over by Facebook owner Mark Zuckerburg, we’ve started to see a lot more ads on our Instagram feed. This is kind of a double-edged sword for a lot of businesses. We want to have advertising available, and we want more options when it comes to paid advertising on social networks such as Instagram. Due to changing algorithms, this could make the platform a lot more difficult to use for businesses who are just starting up, smaller bloggers and influencers, or any company that doesn’t have much of a marketing budget.


Getting a business account on Instagram is free!

If all of the reasons above aren’t enough for you, then feel free to stay as a personal account. However, if you’re wanting to trial a business account then go ahead! It’s quick and easy to do, plus it’s free. There’s no harm in testing the water and you can always go back to a personal account if you decide against it.


How to switch to a business profile on Instagram

You’d be surprised at how easy it is to switch to a business account. There’s no verification process and you can switch over quickly in these 4 simple steps:

  • First, you will need to go to your profile and tap the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner.
  • Then click on Settings at the bottom of the navigation menu (it’s the one with the cog).
  • Once you’ve opened up your settings, click on ‘account’.
  • Tap “Switch to Business Profile” and you’re done!

If advertising isn’t your thing, and you want help building your page organically then please get in touch. We’re highly experienced in social media management across all industries. We can also help you with optimising campaigns & staying within budget if you want to give PPC a try.

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