To Blog or Not to Blog; That is the Question

Blogging. Everyone’s doing it but is it right for your business?

Unless you’re really stuck for relevant content ideas then there are not many cases when blogging wouldn’t work for your business. As long as you bear in mind that blogging is about keeping your customers and website visitors informed with information and not a direct selling tool, you’re already halfway to success.

53% of marketers state that blog content creation is their top inbound marketing strategy. Traditional interruptive marketing techniques have given way to inbound marketing techniques and blogging is a huge part of this. It helps your customers to find out more about you and your products or services when THEY want to and keeps them engaged during and after your sales process.

The best bit about blogging is, as long as you have a website or blog page, it’s completely free! Although it might take up your time or other resources, the return on investment for blogging is huge.

Many people believe that creating a blog will simply help them to rank highly on Google. And, although that is a huge advantage, there’s SO much more to blogging. Read on to find out more about how beneficial blogging can be to your business.

Position your brand as an industry leader & build trust

By regularly blogging about your industry, products and services, you set yourself as an industry leader which helps you to build credibility with your customers and others in your industry.

When you create blogs, it’s likely that you’re answering the questions or concerns your customers have about your products or services. By consistently creating this content, you will become an authority in your customer’s eyes, making them more likely to purchase from you in the future.

Drive traffic to your website

Every business wants to gain more website visitors but how do you find them? They could type your business name straight into the search bar but that means they already have to know about you. That doesn’t equate to more traffic because it’s just the people who already know about you.

Blogging and optimising the content with keywords that you know your customers are looking for will help you to appear in search engines and make sure they find you when they’re searching for solutions.

Works for SEO

Search engines like web pages that are regularly updated with content that’s interesting and relevant to your customers. How often do you update your ‘about us’ or ‘contact us’ pages? A blog page is a great way to keep your site updated and favoured by the search engines. In addition, if the content’s engaging and you have customers sharing and liking it, even better! Plus, if customers are taking the time to read your blogs, your bounce rates will be lower which is also good for SEO!

Convert traffic

Did you know that your blog content could help you to convert your website traffic? 70% of consumers learn about companies through their content rather than ads and blogs are the 5th  most trusted source for accurate information online. As customers read your content, they come to trust it and your brand and so are more likely to buy from you. A good blog answers their questions and helps to lead them through your sales funnel subtly. After reading an initial blog, you might ask for their contact details so that you can send them emails and further interesting content. These website visitors then enter the top of your sales funnel and are led through your sales process!

Someone might visit your website to read your blog content but might not be ready to buy from you yet. Regularly updating your blog gives them a reason to keep coming back until they’re ready to make a purchase.

Support social media

Without good content to share, it’s very difficult to maintain an active and engaging social media presence. You can share others’ content but this isn’t going to direct any traffic to your website. Your content can help to spark conversations on social media so don’t miss the chance to take advantage of such a huge audience.

Greater understanding of customers

As you build up a good bank of content, make sure you monitor your analytics to see which posts resonate the most with your customers. This will help you to get a better understanding of what your customers like and want to know, allowing you to create more of this content and attract more of the same traffic.

Stay up to date and relevant

In order to keep your blog up-to-date, that means you have to too! To be able to comment on your industry and developments in your business, you need to know about them.

At Rare Digital Marketing, we have a team of content experts who can help you to grow your business through creating relevant and informative content for your website visitors. Please contact us to find out more.

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