5 Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Digital marketing presents us with a huge opportunity for great brand exposure locally, nationally and internationally but so many businesses get marketing strategies wrong and can actually end up harming their brand. We’re all familiar with the United Airlines PR catastrophe that saw a viral video of a man being thrown off the plane due to overbooking – we were all talking about it but it’s not a disaster we would want to be associated with our own business!

When planning ANY marketing strategy, it’s important to think about how your campaigns will be perceived when they’re launched into public scrutiny. No one wants to have to pull a campaign that took months of planning and a large budget. On the other hand, no one wants to run a campaign that took a huge amount of resources and find that it gets absolutely no response, positive or negative.

So, here are 5 mistakes that could be killing your digital marketing efforts and preventing you from getting results:

1.Shutting down campaigns

We live in a world where pretty much everything is instant and at our fingertips, thanks to the internet. One of the common misconceptions about digital marketing is, like everything else, that it creates immediate results. Whilst this can be true when a post or video goes viral, in most cases, digital marketing results can take time and effort. PPC, SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media are all about slowly building up a brand reputation and Google rankings and this can’t be done overnight with one social media post or blog.

At Rare Digital Marketing, we see so many businesses who immediately stop activity if they don’t see immediate results when, actually, digital marketing is about building momentum and continuously building on the campaigns you have.

For example, you have a blog for your website and your blog once or twice a week for a couple of months. You fail to see an uplift in site traffic so you decide to cut your blogs down to once a month and focus your efforts elsewhere. HUGE mistake!

Although it can be tempting to abandon the elements of your strategy that do not work, unless you’ve tried a number of different methods, it’s not a wise move. You should really be looking more closely at the posts you’re creating and analysing the results carefully. Are some blogs getting more clicks than others? Do some topics receive better responses? Analysing where people came from when they visited a particular blog can help you to decide whether it’s the subject matter of the post or the way you’re sharing it that’s stopping people from clicking through.

Use the results of your analysis to develop your content and make sure it’s getting through to the right people. This is a much better option than abandoning strategies altogether.


2.Not researching your target audience

This is not just a mistake that’s made in digital marketing, it’s something we often see across the whole marketing mix. Before you start ANY marketing activity, we always recommend that you research your target audience and create two to three customer personas. What type of questions do they ask at each stage in the sales process? Where do they go online? In digital marketing in particular, this information can be key to your success.

If you’re creating a PPC strategy but you don’t know which terms your customers are searching for, how are you going to create ads they’re going to want to click on? If you’re sharing blogs or advertising on social media but you don’t know where your customers go or who they are, how can you expect them to find your content?

3.Ignoring analytics

Analytics are important for ANY digital marketing campaign. There are so many online tools that can help you view information about your website and social media channels and show you which campaigns are working and exactly who’s reacting and engaging with your brand. One of the best factors with analytics is that you can customise the reports to show you the results you want to see at a glance.

Demographics such as age range, location, interests and which campaigns directed visitors to your website can help you to form a better picture of your target customer and provide better guidance for where you should target your campaigns.


4.Ignoring mobile

There are very few brands who are not suited to mobile so unless you know it definitely doesn’t work for you, we would recommend making sure that everything you do can also be viewed on a mobile device. It could be as simple as making sure that your website is mobile-friendly but you also need to be aware that a good number of your customers will be checking emails and social media and searching for information on their mobile devices.

Did you know that 80% of the UK’s internet users own a mobile device? That’s a huge number of people you could be missing out on if you’re not mobile-savvy.


5.Forgetting to promote content

According to Buzzsumo, 50% of online content is shared less than 8 times. This means that the content you produce needs to stand out from the crowd but it also means that you need to shout about it. So much content and time is wasted simply because the brands who create it fail to share it properly.

If you’re spending huge amounts of time making content look good and carefully tailoring it to your audience but you’re not promoting it, your efforts are going to be wasted.

With such a large audience, you can never assume that your audience is just going to stumble across your content. You’ve got to be prepared to shout about it and make sure it gets out to the right channels. Make sure you distribute it across ALL of your social media channels and not just over the space of a week, you can continue sharing content for a couple of months to make sure as many of your customers see it as possible.

If you think you might be making these mistakes, Rare Digital Marketing could help you to correct them and propel your digital marketing strategy. Contact us to find out more.


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